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At Chesler Construction, we pride ourselves in our reputation for high quality and complete customer satisfaction, whatever the size and scope of the project.

Started by Jim Chesler, formerly of C&C Construction, and his brother Terry Chesler in 1995, Chesler Construction, Inc. has developed a reputation for not only fine craftsmanship but excellent customer service.

Basketball Court

Basketball Court

Jim Chesler has over 40 years in the construction industry, with a strong interest in architectural drafting and design. Building started as a hobby, transformed into a passion and evolved into a business. Today Jim works with new clients, bringing his years of knowledge to their project and allowing the construction process to begin with ease. Jim oversees all Project Managers and is in the loop on all projects from start to finish. Jim also oversees the business end of the company.

Terry Chesler brings over 30 years of the construction industry, along with his strong ability to interact with clients and subcontractors. In his role as Project Manager, Terry manages specific projects working with the client, their architect and the subcontractors. In addition, Terry oversees all field work for Chesler Construction.

Every home is hand-crafted to excellence!

Jim and Terry have both worked their way up by "wearing their tool belts." This knowledge of the construction industry not only gives an understanding of the building process from a practical perspective but allows them to better relate to the subcontractors and their role in the project.

Chesler Construction, Inc. has developed a core group of architects, engineers, designers and subcontractors with whom there is a mutual respect. All work together for a common goal of creating a dream project for the client.

Our Subcontractors are competitive in their bidding as we make a point in getting multiple bids for each component of the project. Subcontractors are chosen not on price alone, but for their quality of craftsmanship and their ability to work well with our clients. We aim to get the best subcontractor for each aspect of each project.

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